Meet the team behind THOR – Ray Lawrence

an engineer/construction worker from Cavitas Energy

Ray Lawrence, Lead Design and Manufacturing Engineer, has a strong background in engineering and design, playing a crucial role in driving innovation and ensuring the successful implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

Currently, Ray is pursuing his BEng in Mechanical Engineering, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. This academic pursuit equips him with the latest  knowledge and engineering principles, which he applies to his work at Cavitas.

Ray’s journey in the field of engineering began as a CNC Machinist, where he honed his skills in precision machining and gained a deep understanding of manufacturing processes. His expertise allowed him to transition into roles focused on research, development, and testing, enabling him to contribute to the creation of advanced engineering solutions.

For the past five years, Ray has been an integral part of the Cavitas team, a company at the forefront of technological advancements in the energy sector. His contributions have been instrumental in the design and setup of THOR.  Through his engineering skills and meticulous attention to detail, Ray ensures that THOR meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

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