THOR water bath FAT

metal rods inside a hard plastic wrap filled with bubbles

THOR is currently undergoing a FAT for a client and due to be deployed shortly in a heavy oil environment where oil viscosity is having a negative impact on production. The client approached Cavitas to help mitigate against these challenges.


A THOR deployment allowed them to deliver a targeted downhole heat programme – to lower the viscosity of the oil in situ, improving pump performance, melting away any wax and asphaltene build ups and return the well to optimal production.

In a controlled environment, Cavitas Energy can replicate the temperature increase in the well during the THOR FAT to confirm that the target temperature can be reached. With an entirely sealed flange design – there are no leak paths to surface resulting in a secure downhole deployment for the 3-5 years of continuous heating the tool is designed to deliver.

THOR is modular in construction and higher flow rates can be achieved simply by increasing the number of heat exchanger stages in the completion with the potential to heat up to 3000bbl per day.

If you are operating in a heavy oil environment or encountering flow assurance, wax and asphaltene build ups and would like to get your production programme back on track – get in touch with the team at Cavitas Energy today. Our expert engineers will work with you to design an optimal downhole heat programme designed specifically for your unique production environment.

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