long gray shaped metal thick rod in a white background

THOR, Cavitas' Thermal Oil Recovery technology has been designed to address a global requirement for in-well Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for use where conventional Thermal EOR is not effective, such as in remote and marginal fields or offshore.

THOR is a unique, patented mechanical heat generator providing targeted, controllable and high efficiency heat.

THOR is the most cost effective and lowest carbon per barrel downhole heating / thermal enhanced oil recovery solution on the market today.

■ Total downhole temperature control
■ Up to 100x more heat per foot than competitors
■ Reduces oil viscosity
■ Increases production by 3x or more
■ Improves pump efficiency
■ Mitigates wax and asphaltene deposition


THOR's compact completion size, small topside footprint and high energy density means it has several advantages over other forms of Thermal EOR such as cable heaters and fixed/mobile steam generators.

THOR can be installed on the production tubing, removing the requirement for additional intervention equipment, such as coiled tubing, during installation, lowering customer's installation costs. Coupled with our innovative OPEX based rental model means that customers can achieve a return on investment (ROI) in as little as 30 - 40 days.

■ Innovative OPEX model, Fast ROI
■ Reliable
■ Small tooling package
■ Installed via production tubing
■ Universal mating to downhole motors
■ Works with Rod pump, ESP and PCP

As part of the project planning process, the Cavitas team undertook a comprehensive economic and reservoir modelling exercise to establish the likely production upside that can be realised by the customer through using THOR and also the project economics and return on investment.

Using the latest geological and production modelling software on the market, the Cavitas' team of in-house experts are ideally placed to conduct these studies on a customer's behalf or work in collaboration with customers internal teams and models to ascertain the production and economic benefits THOR can bring.

Recent examples of project modelling include:

■ A Middle East based Viscous Oil producer - THOR heaters will bring on average a >500% increase in production. An ROI in 23 days and incremental revenue of >$900,000 in a single well per annum.

■ North African based Waxy Oil producer - THOR heaters will remove current wax blockages, rescue > 1,000 bpd production and give an ROI of 14 days.

■ US based Viscous Oil producer - THOR heaters will give an 100% increase in production. An ROI in 50 days and incremental revenue of >$1,000,000 in a single well per annum.