The Problem

If waxy oils in produced fluid cool below their Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT), wax deposits will form in the tubulars. If untreated these can cause;

Restricted flow.
Reduce pump efficiency.
Artificial lift damage/downtime.
Complete loss of production.
■ Loss of revenue.

hole in a bucket of dried concrete on top of circular rusted metal
temperature differences of long vertical metal rod underneath a hole in the ground

THOR as a Solution

A THOR system attached to the production tubing and placed below the artificial lift pump would keep the produced fluid warm and above WAT, giving the following benefits;

Targeted heating of fluid to + 5-10oC [ 9-18 oF] above WAT.
Lower fluid viscosity / Increase pump efficiency.
Remove / delay requirement for pump retrieval/remediation.
■ Increase production.
All in a small, high efficiency package with a low energy requirement.