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Cavitas Energy Ltd. are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) wherever possible and offsetting all our remaining emissions by removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as we emit each year

In early 2020 we set out a commitment to be carbon neutral across the entire Group of companies, driven by increasing environmental concerns both in the oil and gas industry and in wider society, and a desire to play our part in the UK oil and gas industry's energy transition to clean, green energy, and net zero carbon emissions.

Our Commitment

Cavitas Energy Ltd. and Valor Energy Group are committed to:

Calculating and monitoring our carbon footprint on an annual basis

Reducing our emissions wherever possible

Offsetting our remaining emissions by removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as we emit each year

What We're Doing

Cavitas Energy and Valor Energy Group have collectively become carbon negative for all Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions, and our significant Scope 3 emissions. For the period 1st January 2020 - 31st December 2021, our greenhouse gas emissions were equivalent to 1.918 tonnes CO2e per employee.

We have achieved our goal by making energy saving improvements in our facilities, and partnering with Forest Carbon who lead the way in UK woodland creation for carbon capture. Forest Carbon's partner projects have planted over 9.5 million new trees since 2006, removing nearly 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, as well as providing a host of other benefits to society, including flood mitigation, enhanced biodiversity and increased public access. In addition to UK forest creation, Forest Carbon work with global partners to protect established forests and peatland.

Through our partnership with Forest Carbon, we have helped fund a local Woodland Carbon Code certified tree planting scheme in Aberdeenshire, and 2 international VERRA and CCBA certified peatland and forest conservation projects in Indonesia and Brazil. Through our support of these projects we have removed more carbon from the atmosphere than we emitted in 2020.

All of our data related to emissions is collated using the Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors provided by the UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The conversion factors used for our 2020 reporting are available here

Download our 2020 annual report