Gas Liquid Loading

The Problem

Pressure depletion has caused condensate build up to restrict/block high value Middle Eastern gas wells, shutting in all production in some cases.

Traditional methods such as velocity strings have failed leading to:

Restricted flow.
Loss of revenue.
Costs associated to previous failed interventions.
Trapped high value asset.

slow and fast liquid flow process in tubes
image of a long vertical metal rod going underneath a hole in the ground

THOR as a Solution

A THOR system inserted into the gas well and placed within the 'liquid loaded' section. THOR would heat the liquid block, vaporising it back to gas and restoring production.

PROSPER modelling shows an +20oC [+36oF] temperature increase required to mobilise the plug.
THOR 'futureproofs' the wells against future blockages.
Restored production to operator of over 100 000 m3 of gas and 100 m3 of oil per day.