THOR EOR deployment – California

a metal contraption that promotes increased down hole heat, by Cavitas Energy

THOR recently completed an EOR deployment for an operator in California. The client was experiencing low production with high viscosity and encountering wax and asphaltene build up near the well bore which THOR excels at resolving.

With THOR set at the perforations (1,500ft MD) and heating radially into the reservoir up to 50ft, the targeted downhole heat substantially reduced the oil viscosity and improved the skin situation to increase inflow. The THOR deployment resulted in a 6.5x production increase and a cut in the water/oil ratio of 50%.

Read more here and download the case study:

THOR is ready to deploy in your heavy oil well. Our Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery technology is a robust option to deploy in depleted or low-pressure heavy oil reservoirs. THOR is also very cost effective and in the case of the Californian operator above, the tool paid for itself in only 29 days.

Contact us today for a technology demonstration and speak to one of our expert team for a targeted downhole heat recovery programme.

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