Throughout the development of our THOR (Thermal Heavy Oil Recovery) Technology, Cavitas has undertaken a number of reservoir modelling projects for international heavy oil operating companies.

This experience has placed Cavitas at the forefront of creating enhanced oil recovery solutions in unconventional plays.

In today’s price sensitive environment operators may be resource constrained and therefore unable to conduct detailed EOR based reservoir modelling. Addressing these issues, Cavitas have launched a dedicated reservoir modelling service to further support client needs.

Cavitas has the experience and personnel to support operating companies’ internal subsurface teams looking at stranded heavy oil assets or more conventional fields that may benefit from  an enhanced oil recovery  strategy.

Our service offering consists of small or large scale reservoir modelling of EOR techniques and their effect on heavy or conventional oil fields. We have in-depth experience of thermal EOR modelling on UKCS heavy oil fields but we are  also proficient at simulating other EOR techniques.

Using the latest in dynamic reservoir simulation software we can take live or representative geological data and build and run simulation scenarios; looking at the effects on production from EOR techniques such as Thermal, Chemical, CO2, Polymer, Miscible Gas and many more.

The modelling service can be conducted remotely or within our client’s offices. Engaging with our customers on an agreed basis, Cavitas provide regular updates of the project progress, which in each case is conducted on strictest of confidentiality basis.  

To date Cavitas have successfully conducted the following reservoir modelling projects:

Detailed Greenfield thermal EOR modelling for a 900 Mmstb UKCS heavy oil field.

Initial Greenfield thermal  EOR exploration for two UKCS heavy oil fields with estimated recoverable reserves of 500 Mmstb.

Small scale Bbrownfield thermal eor EOR modelling for a 130 Mmstb UKCS heavy oil field.

Detailed EOR modelling for conventional oil plays within Norwegian continental waters.

Initial Greenfield thermal  EOR modelling for stranded heavy oil accumulations within a larger 5 billion barrel conventional UKCS oil accumulation.

Further detailed case studies are also available upon request.